Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass is a traditional art form in which colored glasses are cut into shapes and placed into a mosaic to form a picture or a design. The glass is held in place by metal strips  (lead came) soldered to attain and to assure stained glass’ strength and stability. In order to protect the stained glass panel, it is being sealed inside a double glazed unit to form three layers of glass. The ethereal effect of stained glass is seen when the light reflects through it, producing dancing colors onto its path.

Back in the day, stained glass is commonly seen and used in worship places. Today it is being rediscovered. Spectra Arts is successful in reviving the craft in GCC region.

Stained glass can be incredibly stunning when integrated in the right manner. The application has been extended to both residential and commercial properties, showcasing a timeless decorative accent.

Spectra Arts offers custom-made stained glass window based on requirements and site condition. They can be abstract, floral, classic, contemporary, art nouveau, and many other design options to choose from.