Painted Glass Application

A unique trend that has been growing in popularity over the recent years, back painted glass is a versatile addition to a property design scheme. A high quality coating ( of unlimited color choices ) is typically applied to the back surface of clear annealed or  tempered glass through the use of the state-of-the-art automatic spraying machine producing an opaque or translucent color based on client specifications. The hues, tones, shades, and tints differ depending on the type of glass (clear, extra clear, or ultra clear glass) the organic paint is  to be applied on.

It is a great material to inculcate into lift lobbies, wall lining and cladding, hall, bathroom, and almost anywhere.

Spectra Arts uses special eco-friendly paint system from a trusted UK brand which fully complies with EN 16577-1 standards. The paint system is engineered for long term adhesion and stability on a variety of glasses.

Some of the notable projects that Spectra Arts is pleased to be part of are Doha Metro, The Torch, Manateq, Doha Oasis, Lusail Com 18 Tower, Qatar Petroleum District, and many more.


  • Wall
  • Partition
  • Ceiling
  • Counter