Dome and Skylight

Glass dome and skylights are very stylish and can enhance the beauty of a home. The most positive aspects of having these glass works are; they bring extra daylight while refracting UV rays, therefore, property will be more energy efficient and protected. Likewise, they provide more ventilation as they can improve air circulation and air quality. Spectra Arts is known for the beautiful glass dome and skylight installations most specially with Stained glass works as we have fabricated hundreds of domes over the years. The ethereal effect of stained glass is seen when the light reflects through it, producing dancing colors onto its path.
Designers in coordination with you, will prepare a unique and unrepeatable design that matches the elements of the house and your requirements. Spectra Team will then conduct construction analysis for the metal structure. Premium sourced glass materials will be crafted by our elite glass artists. After which, the dome will be precisely installed at site integrating resistance to weather factors, in particular to water leakage.

  • Comes in different shapes, designs, and colors (dome, flat, capsule, or pyramid)
  • Custom-made based on requirements and site condition (architectural, decorative, curved, segmented or flat)
  • Under variety of designs, materials, and shades suitable for almost any type of interiors, be it a modern or a traditional setting.
  • Double glazed unit to form three layers of glass for safety